Beautify Your Surroundings With Home And Garden Show

Having a beautiful home inside and out is good for your health. Creating a beautiful and comfortable living space helps to reduce stress and stimulates the mind. You can get some great ideas from the Home and Garden Show Edmonton. Outlined below aresome great ideas for garden and home:

Ideas for your yard
� Who says that vegetables and herbs should only grow in a kitchen garden? They make a great addition for flower gardens too. You can use mint for example to border your flower garden. The aroma of the mint is a great addition to the garden. Use fragrant herbs near your entrances to draw visitor’s attention.
� Using pots and containers adds a bold impact to your garden. Use pots and containers to plant shrubs and small bushes. Using pots and containers also enables you to rearrange your garden when you feel the need to.
� Create a garden entrance with shrubs, trees or large rocks. Defining the entrance to your yard or garden makes a big statement. Two spruces for example are a great idea for ushering visitors into your garden.
� Create a sport for relaxing in your garden. Invest in some garden furniture such as a metal chair and table. Gardens are not just for planting, weeding and pruning. They are places that you can relax in. Keep this in mind when planning your garden and plan for a place where you can sit and smell the roses in your garden.
� The best landscaper is nature. Let nature guide you in your gardening. Allow the plants to look natural. This creates a dramatic effect in your garden.

Ideas for home interiors
� Incorporate artwork to your home. You do not have to invest in expensive artwork. A great idea is to use floating frames with beautiful cards, handkerchiefs or any other striking item that you can think of. Arranging the frames in an abstract way makes a bold statement.
� You can add a little more personality to your home with patterned wallpaper. You do not have to use the wallpaper on the entire wall. You can use it as an accent such as on a small part of a wall e.g. in a reading nook or the wall behind the headboard of your bed.
� Use bright colors as accents. You do not have to repaint your entire interior to get a completely new look. Adding a few bright colored items can make a big difference to an interior. Invest in a brightly colored lampshade for example to add some color and fun to your interior. Adding a few colorful cushions to bland furniture will give a room a whole new look.
� Display your items creatively. You do not have to purchase a whole new set of dinnerware. Using a creative way to display your items can give a room a completely new look. Installing bookcases at counter height for example and using them as a display for your favorite dinnerware is a great alternative to using a large china cabinet