All About Suncast Sheds

Suncast sheds are strong, durable and tough, being built using a heavy duty resin incorporating ultra-violet sun protection. They are virually maintenance free, rust, rot and weather proof and easy to assemble, only requiring the use of a screwdriver due to their in-built snap together technology. The Suncast sheds range are premimum quality and manufactured in the USA. They are recognised worldwide as the premium brand in the marketplace and come in a variety of sizes to fit most needs. You can obtain them from reputable stores and the instructions are easy to follow. Unlike a metal shed, there is never any rust to deal with. 2 people should easily be able to put it all together on site. You can also have shelving as part of the shed and Suncast sheds are made with slots to accommodate your accessories. Once installed, your shelves can be utilised to store tools, pots, buckets or anything you can think of will be safely stored on the shelving option. If, for any reason, you need to move the shed to another location it is very easy to move just by lifting in-situ.

Many experts recommend plastic garden sheds for a durable, good looking, long-lasting garden storage shed. The floor is made from the same material, which will not crack, chip or peel. The windows are made with thick and durable polycarbonate panels. Keeping Suncast Sheds looking good is simplicity itself. Everyday household cleaning agents can be used and a quick wipe over will generally suffice. For any stubborn dirt or grime a light alcohol mixture in warm water will readily accomplish the job. Owing to their construction, plastic resin sheds do not get adversely affected by the unsightly problems of mildew or rust, thus your maintenance is extremely minimal.

Suncast sheds are practical yet still very stylish and will maintain their original colour and beauty for years. Suncast sheds offer a variety of affordable, practical, and very stylish products to meet all of your garden storage needs. Suncast sheds are as attractive as they are durable.

The roof, wall and floor panels just snap together, making it the most user-friendly DIY build on the market. Another big plus is that, unlike other brands of sheds, all Suncast sheds come with heavy duty resin floors. You don’t have to worry about pouring concrete or building a wooden sub floor. Suncast sheds are popular in the market because of their cost and aesthetically pleasing designs. They are affordable, functional and have an array of designs to choose from. The neutral colours will match most outdoor home and garden surroundings.

Suncast sheds are available in light taupe coloured, maintenance free, ultra violet resistant durable resin, and require no painting or further treatment. These plastic garden sheds, being resin clad, benefit from being both rot and rust proof. The totally weather-proof design will ensure that your contents remain protected and dry.

When looking to store their garden tools and other items outdoors, many people used to shy away from plastic garden shed solutions. With the hectic lives we all lead nowadays, not only does the plastic construction help save valuable time when doing routine maintenance in and around our home and garden, but also offers a great place to store away all those items that are cluttering up the house, garage and garden. Modern processes now mean that not only are plastic sheds lighter, but they also have a lot of inherant strength due to the construction of the materials used in their manufacture. Also, because of the ultra-violet sun protection built into the resin, they no longer suffer from the normally devastating effects of exposure to the sun.

Suncast sheds are the ultimate among viny storage sheds. The manufacturing company also offers pad-lockable doors in the package. These sheds are available in several different quality styles, which will surely provide a solution for your domestic storage needs. Suncast sheds are very eye pleasing and co-ordinate with other available Suncast products to make your outdoor area complete.

How Tilling A Garden Causes More Problems Than Benefits

Garden tilling, also called cultivating, is often done with a gas-powered rototiller that goes down perhaps 6 or so inches, but soil can be “tilled” with a tool such as a pitch fork, too.

As you know, tilling a garden is when you turn the soil over so that some of the lower soil comes up and some of the upper soil goes down. It’s kind of like a food processor for your soil, just not as fast.

You may think it is more necessary in organic gardening because we don’t use pesticides like the no-till farmers, but that isn’t the case.

Garden tilling is an often-recommended practice, but this article tells you why you should stop the practice right now.

Reasons For Garden Tilling

The main reasons organic gardeners may till the soil are to:

* Reduce weeds
* Relieve compaction
* Make the soil look fluffy and nice
* Allow more air and water into the soil
* Loosen and warm up the soil in spring for planting/seeding
* Cause organic matter to break down faster and give more nutrients

Does Tilling A Garden Accomplish The Above Goals?

In the short term the above organic gardening goals are often satisfied, but right from the start, garden tilling can cause more problems than benefits. If there are plants in or near the garden, their vital surface roots are damaged, giving easy access for root-feeding organisms and decreasing water and nutrient uptake.

But the main disadvantage is the effect on beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, both of which are absolutely essential to the health of your soil.

Garden Tilling Problems

Upon tilling a garden, the microbes that need oxygen are buried, killing many of them. The microbes that can’t live with too much oxygen are brought to the surface, killing many of them.

Garden tilling causes the miles and miles of beneficial fungi to be sliced into pieces. Those fungi provided important nutrients to the plants, so that is no longer happening. Earthworms are also killed and their tunnels destroyed.

All of these critters had taken a long time to find the perfect spot for them in the soil. They worked day and night to build themselves little homes and cities. It takes years for this to happen and garden tilling destroys that all very quickly.

Does Garden Tilling Help In The Long Term?

Tilling your organic garden when it is wet causes long term structural damage to the soil, but even when the soil is dry, there are several serious long term consequences.

While annual weeds will have been killed, many perennial weeds have been cut into pieces that all come back as new weeds. While your vegetable seeds now have perfect conditions in which to germinate, so do all of the weed seeds that were lying dormant lower down in the soil.

While the initial influx of air and water broke down the organic matter more quickly, and released nutrients to allow microbes and plants to flourish for a short time, that organic matter is oxidized (basically burned) faster than it is replenished. Annual garden tilling causes a gradual decrease in organic matter in the soil.

This loss of organic matter decreases soil fertility, nutrient-holding capacity, water-holding capacity and hurts soil structure. If the soil is left bare, it can crust over so that water runs off and causes erosion instead of infiltrating.

The damage of larger plant roots can result in permanent and severe damage of the canopy (especially in trees).

10 Landscaping Design Ideas To Enhance Your Home Garden.

A home garden is a place, which can give identity to your home building in a neighborhood. You can use very little creativity to enhance to look and feel of your garden so that it stands out from the rest of the gardens in the neighborhood. Here is a list of probable elements you can add to your landscaping garden so that everybody loves it and you get the credit.

1) The compound wall of the home plot defines the boundary of the garden as well. Use paintings on the wall surface (inside), that will add excitement to your garden . You can go for a theme based paintings such as nature, waterfalls, sunsets etc..

2) Use stone sculptures of actual human size. These statues greatly add a uman touch to the garden and also defines a scale to the space. Everything we use in our daily lives such as clothes, kitchen utensils, office equipment, computer parts, are all always related to human measurements. If this is the case with all other objects, why exclude a garden from it.

3) Use a fountain with artificial mood creating lighting. This adds a great amount of curiosity during night.

4) Use Japanese stone lanterns instead of the normal ones. This is because stone has its own rough texture as against the smooth and fresh look and feel of the plants in a garden. This creates “hot-spots” in the garden if you plan to use light bulbs inside the stone lanterns. These stone lanterns can also be used along a pathway to define the direction of movement.

5) Design a pond that flows partially into the home building. This is a great way to seamlessly connect the interior and exterior of a home landscape.

6) If your garden has a swimming pool, then instead of having normal diving boards, be little creative and make it into the shape of a house or the person coming out of the mouth of an animal etc…Your kids will love this and will be remembered whoever visits your garden.

7) Create private semi-open patios in your garden. This is a great place to sit around and chat with your loved ones and also can be used as a small deck during a small party.

8) If you love pets, then try rabbits, ducks along with a small pond, in the backyard. These pets have very fresh colors and add great amount of liveliness in the garden.

9) If possible plants flowerings trees with fragrance. This is a free and absolutely amazing way to keep your garden fresh.

10) Create levels in your garden to distinguish various areas as per the function of the garden. A leveled garden always creates interest and curiosity.

If you have read this article completely you can see I have hardly talked about plats and their species in landscaping. So landscaping design is also about using creativity with materials and their finishes. I hope this article helps you to start thinking creatively about your home garden and generate more unique ideas.

Take a Look at That Yard! Home and Garden Accents That Will Revamp Your Lawn

Summer is around the corner and a quick look around prompts you to want to find some home and garden accents that will revamp the lawn. Since homes are not selling as they had, many home owners are looking to better what they have. Whether it is inside the home or outside, curb appeal is making a huge comeback. After all, that is what attracts a passerby to look at your home as they drive by.

Home and Garden Accents

Major landscaping is not needed to make a difference and a huge difference is not needed to create a pleasant lawn. Just some home and garden accents and a new look is formed. Flowers to brighten the area around your home and that pretty much will be all that is needed to add major curb appeal.

Start with a keen eye to creating a flower garden. If you also want to grow a vegetable garden but don’t have the room, why not plant some vegetables in your flower garden. Lots of showy colors will help offset a green lawn and you will even be able to harvest fresh vegetables. The first thing to do is to mow your lawn in the spring. Apply weed killer and fertilizer. Then turn to creating that flower garden. The size will depend on the size of your lawn.

Next would be some home and garden accents. Perhaps new address numbers on the house and a new porch light. Solar lighting around your newly laid flower garden will be a nice added touch. Already built water fountains add the sound of soothing waters trickling over rocks.

Clearing a small area around all the trees and laying down bark will tidy up even the most untamed place. Wind chimes gently moving in the night’s breeze add to the charm of your landscaping and your hard work will be have been rewarded.

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Home and Garden Decor

Installing home and garden decor is a great way to make your home and garden attractive, appealing and a relaxing place to stay. Before you enter your home, you see the garden. By creating a welcoming and pleasantly inviting atmosphere in your garden, you are creating a welcoming introduction to your home. Not only that – there are times when you just want to spend time entertaining or relaxing in your garden, so it’s fun to keep it pleasing to everyone’s eyes

In choosing home and garden décor, first you have to know what you want and what style you are looking for. One way of determining which décor to buy is by setting a theme to your garden. Thin about what you would like your garden to look like – what accessories you would like to see, and what plants and trees you’d like to add. Here are some of the theme ideas that you can incorporate with your home and garden décor: butterfly, temple, sundial, Japanese, water, winter, and jungle.

After you choose your theme, you can now make a list of products that are wonderful items to compliment your home garden. Some of these items can be flowers and flowerpots, planter pots, birdhouses, fountains, wind chimes, garden shelves, incense, garden angels, plant stands, flower vases, and statues.

Decorating your home and garden can be very challenging and you have to use your aesthetic ability to come up with a truly pleasing home garden. But before you make any purchase, see to it that your home and garden décor items will be good together so that you will not waste money, time, and effort.

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eBay uncorks online wine shop

SAN FRANCISCO – Online commerce colossus eBay on Thursday opened a virtual wine shop.
eBay uncorks online wine shopThe Silicon Valley-based Internet marketplace had previously offered wine for sale in the United States, but the dedicated venue at will provide a dedicated venue where oenophiles can browse vintages bases on factors such as region, price, and grape type.

The online marketplace “is offering a fresh, modern way to find the perfect bottle,” said eBay home and garden merchandising manager Alyssa Steele.

The website along with a partnership with Drync, a mobile application aimed at connecting wine drinkers and sellers, presented a more focused challenge to an online wine store run by Internet titan Amazon.

“The Drync-eBay collaboration marks a significant shift in the wine industry — offering real-time inventory from large and small retailers throughout the country through a marketplace that includes both in-store pickup and delivery options,” said Drync founder and chief executive Brad Rosen.

The eBay wine shop will include auctions for rare bottles and feature guides and tips from experts.

Shoppers will be able to have wine shipped to “almost anywhere” in the United States, depending on local and state laws, according to eBay.

The new eBay site launched with more than 10,000 different wines from some 30 countries.

Deals predictions, stores to watch and business case for SA retailers who adopt US Black Friday

The annual retail price slashing marathon and shopping bonanza – Black Friday – falls on Friday, 25 November this year. Just like in 2014 and 2015, queues are expected to start gathering before store opening times in almost all retail stores.
In 2014, South Africans witnessed the arrival of Black Friday from the US with an alacrity that took even retail watchers by surprise. In 2015 the delightful shopping mayhem rose to greater heights when additional stores jumped on the bandwagon and new shoppers entered the fray.

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Once again this year, the country will be gripped by a frenzy of Black Friday. Many South African shopping centres, supermarkets and shopping districts will resemble the Christmas Eve sales with crowds of shoppers battling, quite literally, for bargains. This speaks volumes about how the retailers will try anything to make the sales and how consumers will do anything to lay their hands on good bargains.

What led the South African big retailers to adopt the big and brash US festival of consumerism?

Gone are the enrichment golden years of milk and honey where it was great to be in South African retailing. There are no unprecedented levels of consumer spending. Retailers are not aggressively adding new stores, launching new concepts, building an online presence, and expanding internationally.

Even though such retail activities still happen, they are not on a massive scale of yesteryear, but rather in a more moderated and controlled manner.

Revenues no longer rise sharply. Profits do not balloon as they did years before and today’s share prices cease to soar like Halley’s Comet as they did in the good olden days.

Since the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis and recession, if not way before then, retailers have been hitting a wall. Store sales dropped by double digits for many chains. Store closures accelerated, store openings have decelerated, and shareholder value destruction has been massive.

To add more stress and anxiety to retailers, consumers now have more choices than ever before in virtually every category of products and services, as well as in the channels used to acquire them. Shoppers are taking advantage of all the information they can now access to make better decisions. They are getting better at tracking the best prices.

This increased choice and transparency adds to the pressures on retail business. Consumers benefit from increased product selection with lower costs. They compare products online, read reviews, go to the store to interact with the products, and then purchase through whichever channel meets their needs, from lower prices to immediate gratification to personalised service.

For retailers, the increasing number of channels to serve shoppers can lead to a higher cost to serve each consumer. To satisfy an ever-fragmenting consumer base, retailers also must continually upgrade and introduce new products. This increases product development costs and compresses product lifecycles, posing a big challenge for retailers. How will they maintain profitability when customers demand more for less? The long-term decline in ROA suggests that they aren’t, and they will continue to face mounting performance pressures as a result.

Despite all these economic challenges facing retail, resilient South African big retailers see hard times, even a deep recession, as an opportunity to win the loyalty of more customers, increase productivity, and strengthen market position. Hence the adoption of the US Black Friday. Conscious of the strain consumers are under in the current economic climate, South African big retailers adopted the big and brash American festival of consumerism.

The arrival of Black Friday in South Africa confirms just how Christmas, once a Christian festival, has now taken on an irretrievably Stateside materialistic sheen. What is Black Friday and what are its origins?

Black Friday is the American day after Thanksgiving Day that signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It has been in operation in America since before the Second World War.

US retailers kick off the season by offering deep discounts on products for those shoppers lucky enough to obtain the limited supply. Brick and mortar stores traditionally open much earlier than normal business hours, including a few at 12:00 AM – midnight. In recent years, e-commerce sites have also begun offering discounts and free shipping on Black Friday, as well as creating their own shopping holiday in Cyber Monday.

Stores to watch and deals predictions

This year, many more retail stores will join the Black Friday mania to ensure the country experiences the same crazy sales that countries abroad enjoy.

Each year it gets much bigger than the last. A wide range of products and more product categories will be added this year with massive deals ranging from 30% to 50% and 80% discounts on:

Home and garden
Video games
Electronics and household gadgets
Women’s and men’s clothing
Men’s and women’s shoes
Toys, etc

To name a few, these are South African big retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, who adopted the Black Friday in 2014 and 2015. They are the retail stores to watch again during this year’s Black Friday and will be offering from 30% off to 50% off and up to 80% off deals:

Pick n Pay
Dion Wired
HiFi Corp
Incredible Connection
DGB/Uniterm Direct
Toys r us
Spec Savers
Bid or Buy
Sports Factory
Black Friday Cars
House &Home
Rebel Tech

The above deals predictions are based on the past promotional behaviours of big retailers during the 2014 and 2015 Black Fridays, which included the following:

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It is a well-known fact that Checkers was the first official South African food retailer to fully adopt the US Black Friday sales promotion day. On 28 November 2014, they cut prices up to 50% off on a range of selected general merchandise, food and liquor items for Black Friday. Then, it was their most successful sales and marketing campaign, fuelled by the up to 50% off basic items. The food retailer continued this promotional tradition during their impressive 2015 Black Friday price cuts. I expect that Checkers will continue with this Black Friday tradition this year as well. It has proven to be a hit with their customers and last year they introduced deals that surpassed the 2014 Black Friday deals. This year will see even much bigger deals.

eBay uncorks online wine shop

SAN FRANCISCO – Online commerce colossus eBay on Thursday opened a virtual wine shop.
eBay uncorks online wine shopThe Silicon Valley-based Internet marketplace had previously offered wine for sale in the United States, but the dedicated venue at will provide a dedicated venue where oenophiles can browse vintages bases on factors such as region, price, and grape type.

The online marketplace “is offering a fresh, modern way to find the perfect bottle,” said eBay home and garden merchandising manager Alyssa Steele.

The website along with a partnership with Drync, a mobile application aimed at connecting wine drinkers and sellers, presented a more focused challenge to an online wine store run by Internet titan Amazon.

“The Drync-eBay collaboration marks a significant shift in the wine industry — offering real-time inventory from large and small retailers throughout the country through a marketplace that includes both in-store pickup and delivery options,” said Drync founder and chief executive Brad Rosen.

The eBay wine shop will include auctions for rare bottles and feature guides and tips from experts.

Shoppers will be able to have wine shipped to “almost anywhere” in the United States, depending on local and state laws, according to eBay.

The new eBay site launched with more than 10,000 different wines from some 30 countries.

Shopping For Home And Garden Accessories

It’s always nice to spice up your garden and home area with some good looking accessories and decorations that will add a beautiful ambiance to their entire area. You will find that there are plenty of places which you can go to in order to find these garden accessories and decorations. You can get everything from garden lights to pots, candles, and planters. Putting together a nice garden area is all about being creative and seeing what you can do with what you have. You might just be surprised at all the different types of things you can get to put in your garden. These are especially nice to have if the entire area is looking a little bit empty and boring. A lot of people choose to put in a good outdoor lighting system around the garden to illuminate it at night. This way people who drive by your home in the evening and at night can see just how beautiful it looks.

When you are considering which kinds of pots to use to put your plants in, you will also want to be creative here as well. You can buy a variety of pots for your plants in many different designs and colors. Just think about what would look best in your garden and go from there. You might even want to think about color-coordinating the plants with the pots that they are in. That way your garden area can look more stylish than ever. Garden candles can add a much more intimate and personal feeling to the garden area. It can breathe all new life into it if your garden seemed to have started becoming bland and lifeless. It should have a personality of its own and really say something about the person who created in. In your garden you will get the chance to express your personality.

There are a lot of different copper and metal plant holders that people are starting to put in their gardens, as well as wicker decorations. Both of these are becoming very popular and if you have a garden, you should start thinking about getting some of these for yours right away. It can transform the whole area into something completely different that will look a lot better. Putting an orb or a crown in your garden may be just the thing it needs to start feeling like a real garden again. These are available online and in many different stores that sell garden accessories. Even getting a few garden baskets isn’t a bad idea when it comes to making it look unique and different from all the other gardens in your neighborhood. It’s important to stop and take the time to be creative with just how you decide to decorate it.

Beautify Your Surroundings With Home And Garden Show

Having a beautiful home inside and out is good for your health. Creating a beautiful and comfortable living space helps to reduce stress and stimulates the mind. You can get some great ideas from the Home and Garden Show Edmonton. Outlined below aresome great ideas for garden and home:

Ideas for your yard
� Who says that vegetables and herbs should only grow in a kitchen garden? They make a great addition for flower gardens too. You can use mint for example to border your flower garden. The aroma of the mint is a great addition to the garden. Use fragrant herbs near your entrances to draw visitor’s attention.
� Using pots and containers adds a bold impact to your garden. Use pots and containers to plant shrubs and small bushes. Using pots and containers also enables you to rearrange your garden when you feel the need to.
� Create a garden entrance with shrubs, trees or large rocks. Defining the entrance to your yard or garden makes a big statement. Two spruces for example are a great idea for ushering visitors into your garden.
� Create a sport for relaxing in your garden. Invest in some garden furniture such as a metal chair and table. Gardens are not just for planting, weeding and pruning. They are places that you can relax in. Keep this in mind when planning your garden and plan for a place where you can sit and smell the roses in your garden.
� The best landscaper is nature. Let nature guide you in your gardening. Allow the plants to look natural. This creates a dramatic effect in your garden.

Ideas for home interiors
� Incorporate artwork to your home. You do not have to invest in expensive artwork. A great idea is to use floating frames with beautiful cards, handkerchiefs or any other striking item that you can think of. Arranging the frames in an abstract way makes a bold statement.
� You can add a little more personality to your home with patterned wallpaper. You do not have to use the wallpaper on the entire wall. You can use it as an accent such as on a small part of a wall e.g. in a reading nook or the wall behind the headboard of your bed.
� Use bright colors as accents. You do not have to repaint your entire interior to get a completely new look. Adding a few bright colored items can make a big difference to an interior. Invest in a brightly colored lampshade for example to add some color and fun to your interior. Adding a few colorful cushions to bland furniture will give a room a whole new look.
� Display your items creatively. You do not have to purchase a whole new set of dinnerware. Using a creative way to display your items can give a room a completely new look. Installing bookcases at counter height for example and using them as a display for your favorite dinnerware is a great alternative to using a large china cabinet